Early Years of education




The learner at Bunny house school will be able to:

  • Communicate appropriately using verbal and/or non-verbal modes

  • Demonstrate basic literacy and numeracy skills

  • Apply digital literacy skills for learning and enjoyment

  • Apply creative and critical thinking skills in problem solving

  • Practice hygiene, proper sanitation, safety and nutrition to promote health

  • Practice appropriate etiquette for interpersonal relationships

  • Explore the immediate environment for learning  and enjoyment

  • Demonstrate acquisition of emotional, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and moral development

  •  Demonstrate appreciation of the country and its rich, diverse cultural heritage for harmonious living

  •  Exhibit appropriate organizational skills.

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Learning outcomes in pre-primary are:

1.   Language Activity Area

2.   Mathematical Activity Area

3.   Environmental Activity Area

4.   Psychomotor and creative Activity Area

5.   Religious(CRE, IRE, and HRE) and Moral  Activity Area

Learning outcomes areas in lower primary level

  • Literacy

  • Kiswahili Language Activities

  • English Language Activities

  • Mathematical  Activities (for day to day living)

  • Environmental Activities (Science,  Social and Agriculture Activities)

  • Hygiene  and Nutrition Activities

  • Moral, Religious and  Life  Skills Activities

  • Movement and Creative Activities (Art, Craft, Music and Physical Education) 


      ICT will be a learning tool in all areas

      Pertinent and Contemporary Issues will be mainstreamed in all learning areas


Qualified members of staff at the Pre School foster warm interactive relationships with children, positively influencing their learning experience.  Parents are actively involved in the learning journey of their child, and are encouraged to interact with the school staff to provide opportunities in all areas of learning.

Learning at Bunny house School’s Pre – School ensures that children’s experiences are stimulating, enjoyable and relevant.    


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