Administration & Tuition


Bunny House School values and celebrates diversity, welcoming all children from age 2.5 years to 14 years, without regard for gender, race, religion or culture.  The criterion of entry is based on the age of the child, assessment outcomes and availability of space.

Academic year begins in January though children may join at any time of a beginning term.

Admission process

Before starting the admissions process, we recommend you visit the school for a tour or have an informal chat with the head teacher. Students seeking admission will be assessed using age appropriate assessment tools.  This is to ensure that they can access the curriculum, provide teachers with an idea of the child’s needs and strengths, and to help with target setting for academic performance.

Upon successful completion of the admissions process, you will receive a letter from the head teacher confirming the placement and the start date.

Admissions Policy

Bunny House School follows the guidelines as laid out by the Ministry of Education.

 Supporting documents

All applicants must provide copies of their passport or birth certificate and previous 2 reports, leaving certificate, NEMIS /Assessment Number if moving from another school.

Waiting lists

Where a year group is full, new admissions will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting lists operate on a first come, first served basis. Priority may be given to siblings of children who have a place in the school.


Children with siblings already attending the school will be given priority in situations where there are waiting lists for entry to a particular year. There is a discount on some fees items for siblings.

Differentiation and setting

At Bunny House School, children are in mixed ability classes, and differentiation takes place within all classes to ensure children’s needs are met. This may be done through variation of teaching methods, task or expected learning outcomes. Teachers will often group children within their classes to assist with differentiation. The learning objectives covered for all children in a year group is the same.

Additional education provision

The school welcomes children with mild learning difficulties and offers a range of additional support. There is a policy of inclusion in most mainstream classes with withdrawal from one or two subjects decided in consultation with parents, the pupil (age dependent) and teachers.

Where known or suspected, parents are expected to make the school aware of any additional needs their child may have, before admission into the school.

Children will undergo specific assessments soon after admission as challenges become apparent or parents will be asked to take the child for assessments by external specialists.

If the school finds it cannot meet the needs of a particular child, the parents will be advised to withdraw the child and recommendations for alternative provision will be made.

Physical disability

We will endeavor to educate students with physical disability within the constraints of school facilities and environment.

We will endeavor to educate students with physical disability within the constraints of school facilities and environment.

Admission testing

We use pre and post admission testing to:

  • ensure all pupils can access our curriculum,

  • provide teachers with an idea of a child’s needs and strengths

  • help with target setting for academic performance

Medical form

Parents must complete this as soon as the child has joined the school.

Leaving the school

The head teacher must receive one term’s notice in writing. If notice is not received, one term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged.

 Important information about school fees

  1. Above Fees indicate costs for Tuition, Lunch, School Transport services (where applicable) but do not include Enrolment or any applicable Examinations Fees.

  2. Applications for placement at the school are only processed on the return of a duly completed registration form and on the payment of a non-refundable registration fee. In certain Year Groups where vacancies are limited, a 70% advance payment of the tuition fee is payable against the term’s invoice. This advance payment is not refundable if confirmed places are not taken up. Children who cannot be accommodated immediately are put on a waiting list.

  3. Fees above are in Kenya Shillings. Family discounts are applicable where two or more siblings are enrolled. Please note discounts may be reviewed from time to time without notice.

  4. A surcharge of 1.25% is levied per month for the late payment of fees.

  5. Activity fees are charged separately and are normally accompanied by an official letter from the head teacher.

  6. A full term's notice in writing and the head teacher’s acknowledgement in writing of the same is required for withdrawals else, a full term's fees are payable in lieu of such notice.

  7. The Board of Directors reserves the right to alter the fees without notice.

  8. Fee once paid is not refundable

 Year groups

Year group

Age requirement

(age on or before 1 January in the year of entry, must not exceed the higher limit)

Play Group / Foundation

2.5 to 3
















Children are only placed in year groups according to their age. Children are never placed in a year group above their age band, regardless of academic ability or previous schooling. We believe this is best practice for children’s emotional, social and physical development, as well as their language and communication development, especially in the Early Years.

Parents of children with birthdays in July or August will be given a choice if they wish to hold their children back in a year group so they are the oldest in the class not the youngest.